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inappropriate pottery for unconventional people

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My process

My pieces are a bit wonky, unique, quirky. A lot of that is due to the process I use to make my functional ware. And since I like to make things as complicated as possible, there are several steps involved. So first… well… just click below to find out.

about me

Believe it or not, my beloved grandmother, Ama, is the inspiration for all this. Really. I’m not joking. I come from a long line of proud potty-mouths… and spunky women. I had no idea what it would become.


“Under certain circumstances…
profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer.”

Mark Twain

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Upcoming shows

here’s where you can find me in person

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North Carolina Ceramic Arts Festival
September 21 | 11–5

pack square park • downtown asheville, Nc

• 50 Artists from all over North Carolina
• Live raku demonstrations!
• Food trucks and BEER!!


Yo… I’m on Instagram!

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